Paid to Click are the sites were you can earn, just by clicking on the ads shown by the sites. To start your earning, you need email account, there are many free email provider, the best on is gmail, other than this you can use yahoo mail, gmx, etc. Next you need Payment processor account, this is used to fund or withdraw cash from PTC sites. Most commonly used is PayPal, others are Payza, Egopay, etc. Last you have to open account with PTC sites, there are many of them, but legit and trusted one are very less. Sites link given below are some of the most trusted and legit sites. Open your account with one of them or all as you like and start earning from your first day. Use Traffic Exchange sites to promote your ref. link.



 PTC Sites (Trusted and Elite)

ClixSense is online since 2007. click on the banner above to register new user.
Lot of options to earn by Ads Click, Grid clicking, Offers and Tasks.
They use LR, Payza and PayPal  for payment processing.

neobux is online since 2008. click on the banner above to register new user.
They use Payza, PayPal and Neteller for payment processing. Min. cash out is $2. 

 probux is online since 2012. click on the banner above to register new user. 

Incredible software to make money while you are online. To Join click on banner. 

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

You will earn from 0.001 to 0.07 according to your membership. Paying sicne 2003. 



Traffic Exchange with 640,000+ members
HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

PTC Sites with Extra Income Systems 

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